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10 Beauty Tips To Rock Your World

There are a ton of beauty tips,we know, we get it and we won't bore you with the same ol' same ol'. We took the time in compiling our favorite 10 beauty tips to share with you. Let us know which one will rock your world most!

Rock it #1: Say goodbye to cracked feet with Vicks Vapor rub. Rub the ointment on your feet before bed and cover with socks.
Rock it #2: Cuticle care is a must my friends. Use vaseline, olive oil, or eye cream, yes eye cream, to make sure they stay soft and strong.
Rock it #3: We can't say it enough, but we'll say it again, layering is key when putting on your perfume. Try putting on your perfume first and then your lotion. Your scent will last longer.
Rock it #4: Here's a given. When putting, rubbing, or slathering anything onto your face, never pull down on your skin. Think about your skin in the future (no saggies please) and be sure to circle pat upwards when tending to your face.

Rock it #5: This one may seem like common sense, but in reality, not all so common. Wash your face before you get to bed! Your skin needs to breathe, give it some air out time while you get those beauty zzz's.

Rock it #6: Oldie but a goodie, quench your thirst and go beyond that with drinking lots of water!

Rock it #7: Don't be afraid to mix and match your makeup, whether it be eye color, foundation, or lip color, mix it and customize the colors to match what you wish the color to be.

Rock it #8: Do not use baby wipes to remove makeup from your face. This is bad for your skin, may be soft for a baby's butt, but your face is no baby's butt. Don't use these to take off your maekup.

Rock it #9: Ran out of nail polish remover and can't get out of the house to the store for more? No problemo. Apply a clear top coat to your cracked and chipped nail polish and remove it promptly with a cotton ball.

Rock it #10: Beauty products aren't forever. Be sure to switch it up every few months or so. The effectiveness of the products wear off, not to worry, ditch the old items and snag a new cool product you'll most likely love even more!


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