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Find the Perfect Perfume & Cologne Scents for You

Try, But Don't Buy ...immediately.  We get it, you try it and you love it, but rid that temptation to buy and hold off.  Why? Sample, sample, sample and figure out what you really like. Admit it, how many perfumes do you have that you just won't or don't wear anymore?! Exactly!! Draws full! That's why it's best to try it, but don't buy it...right away.  Plus, it does take a few hours for the true scent to work with your body. 

Ask A Friend....what they think.  Getting a second opinion can help you break it off or help you make a decision to buy it! Get your friends or a family member to smell the scent on you for that second opinion.  

Shop Online...why pay full price when you can pay a fraction of the retail cost? Seriously, we have gotten some great buys and bargains for the same scents for way less. Plus, the convenience of shopping from home, well nothing beats it! 

What is your perfect perfume or cologne scent for you?  

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3 Must Read Perfume Books

If you are like us and have, what is safe to say an obsession with fragrances, than read on for our favorite, read-worthy, perfume books we think you'll love too! 
In Perfume: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Finest Fragrances by Nigel Groom, not only will you get the history and story of perfume, but you will get information on the ingredients and the processes used to create them, as well as classification and categories of perfume, how to choose the right perfume, bottles, perfume designers, etc.  This is a great read from someone who is just getting their nose into the fragrance industry. 


Thinking of becoming a collector? Capture the love of perfume the right way with Perfume Bottles: A Collector's Guide by Madeleine Marsh.  This book is jam-packed with information for those who are beginning their perfume bottle collections.  More a guide than a read, this book will tell you how to get started and will help you be on your way collecting perfume bottles based on designers, makers, and manufacturers. 


Have a leg up in the industry? You'll love Perfume: The Art & Science of Scent by Cathy Newman. Dig a bit deeper to the knowledge you already have and dive into 'an investigation' of perfumes, as well as athe perfume industry.  While many books, perfume books specifically, are ramble and filler, this book is certainly not one of those.  


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Choosing your Perfect Perfume

Choosing your perfect perfume is no easy task, don't think it is, and with all the amazing fragrances on the market, it sure is a tough decision to make! When it comes to looking to buying the perfect fragrance, there a few things to know and take into consideration, besides your preference of scent.

What you may not know about fragrance is that there are four different types of 'perfumes' you may choose from, each with a different concentration of scent.  There's an eau de toilette, eau de parfum, eau de cologne, and then a spray. 

Let's start with the Eau De Toilette. These are usually a weaker blend in comparison to an eau de pafume or spray, the concentration of these are usually between 5% and 15%.  This is ideal for  you if you want a great scent without it being too overpowering.  Keep in mind this will not last as long as a eau de parfum, so if you are looking for something to last all day long, continue on to eau de parfum.

Eau De Parfum perfumes are the most common that you will come across. The concentration of t hese are between 15% and 20%, which means the concentration of the scent is going to stronger and linger for a longer period of time.

Now let's move onto an eau de cologne, very commonly confused with eau de toilette because they share a similar concentration percentage.  Aromatically, however, an eau de cologne is weaker, with a concentration of around 3% to 8%.  This is perfect for someone looking for a hint of a scent rather than something strong and longer lasting.

Finally, you have sprays, which are the weakest fragrances in their category.  The compounds are typically 1% and 3% and because of this, you will find these are the most inexpensive.  Sprays are refreshing and do not last nearly as long as an eau de toilette or eau de parfum.
Which perfume preference do you take?

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Books for Fashion and Perfume lovers

Everyone seems to be reading 50 Shades of Grey, and yes I'll admit it, I bought the book too! Sure, it was great for the first night of reading, I read through the first 100 pages in no time at all, but I've been trying to get past it and unlike everyone else, I just can't seem to get through it; I have no will to pick that book up.  Maybe it's just not interesting to me, (or maybe it's not the best of writing that factors in), but hey, these fashion and fragrance books are a lot more enticing and are definitely right up my alley. 

City of Style by Melissa Magsaysay
This book, written by a former Times style writer, is all about exploring Los Angeles fashion, from Bohemian to if only they made a New York City edition too!

The Perfume Lover by Denyse Beaulieu
A personal story of scent, a memoir of Beaulieu's passion for fragrance, a beautiful, intimate journey into the mystery of scent.

By Invitation Only: How We Built Gilt and Changed the Way Millions Shop by Alexis maybank and Alexandra Wilkis Wilson
The story of how Gilt Group came about and has become one of the most fascinating startups, all beginning with one bold idea, "to bring sample sales online and change the way millions shop."

Coming to My Senses: A Story of Perfume, Pleasure and an Unlikely Bride by Alyssa Harad
A story about how one day, Alyssa Harad stumbles upon a perfume reivew blog and has a sudden love affair with fragrance, which leads her to sensual awakening, self-transformation, and in a few short words, celebrates her coming to her 'senses'.

The Gentry Man: A Guide for the Civilized Male by Hal Rubenstein.
Probably one of the most influential men's magazines/books ever created. This 'fashion bible' for men is innovative, featuring 'superb design and production quality', a keen eye for fashion, and excellent coverage of a broad spectrums of topics, from art and culture to sports, food and drink, home, cars and travel.  Get this for every and any man you know...every guy should own one!

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Understanding Perfume Notes

Ever wonder what a fragrance note is? What exactly is the difference between a base note, a top note, and a plain ol’ fragrance note? 

Understanding fragrance notes doesn’t have to be complex, and we’re about to break it down for you. Understanding what the notes are in a fragrance will help you better determine which scent is right for you, which will match with your personal preference and personality.  Besides that, which is a pretty important part of selecting a new fragrance, you will feel more informed and comfortable explaining the notes to other people yourself.

Let’s start from the basics. A perfume has three types of notes, a top note, a middle note, and a base note.  A top note is the first scent you ‘experience’ when you first apply the fragrance.  Top notes include and can be referred as citrusy, summery, woody, spicy, or floral.

Then, the middle notes, which can also be called heart notes, are the scent results after the top note has faded a little.  This scent that you experience consists of the middle notes of the perfume.

Finally, you then have the base note, which are the scents that reveal itself as the perfume sits on your skin and warms up to your body temperature.  It can take up to an hour or so for this to occur.  So what is the true and actual scent of the perfume?  That would be the mix of the middle notes and base notes. 

So now you know what it means when we mention base notes, top notes, and the middle notes of a scent and we hope that this helps you when choosing a new scent for yourself. Take note(oh the irony), it does take up to an hour for that true scent of a fragrance to adjust on your body, so before making any quick decisions about scent, be patient and let some time (and your nose) do all the work.



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Designer vs niche fragrances: What's the difference?

'Fess up. Have you occasionally heard the term "niche" thrown around in perfume-related banter, and not entirely understood what it means? Well, there's no shame in it at all … we hope to clarify a term that has now become an industry buzzword.

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How to properly store your fragrances

Storing fragrancesOne of the most commonly asked questions heard from budding perfumistas is "How should I store my fragrances?", and "How long until they expire?".

In an effort to ensure you get the best shelf life out of your prized perfumes, we are pleased to answer these pressing queries!

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Spring and summer fragrances

Strawberries, homegrown tomatoes, lemonade and fresh rain are just a few summertime scents that trigger the olfactory senses.

Naturally when the weather warms up, we begin to shed our layers. One such layer is our favorite winter fragrance, which tends to be heavier and warmer, like our that old winter blanket. We toss it aside and hunt for a new scent that captures the essence of summer.

Not only does our personal preference change for a certain fragrance, but our body chemistry changes as well. We sweat and shower more, use bug spray and sunscreen. All of these factors can change the way a perfume works for us.

During the summer, we look for lighter, crisper fragrances that scream fruity citrus sexiness or breezy ocean rain air.

Think light, fruity, citrusy and crisp. Think summer.

A sampling of fun, summer fragrances:

D&G Light Blue: Light Blue opens with a green apple top note, giving it its notorious crispness.

Lola by Marc Jacobs: The girl who wears Lola is a flirty, fun, free spirit who lives and breathes summer!

Le Feu d'Issey Light by Issey Miyake: Subtle sophistication, perfect for romantic summer nights.

Boucheron: Flowers and citrus all rolled into one.

Pleasures by Estee Lauder: A summertime flower garden dotted with lilies, violets, roses and peonies!

Halle by Halle Berry: An edgier fragrance that draws invokes summer sexy.

Burberry Summer: Refreshing, crisp with a hint of sweetness.

Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible Soleil d’ete: Irresistibly feminine. He won't say no to a summer night stroll.
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Fall and winter fragrances

Fall and winter fragrances

There is something to be said for the onset of winter. As the days draw in and the temperature plunges below freezing, there is a real sense of melancholy in the air.
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Fragrances with unique notes

Peculiar and interesting fragrances

For decades, many mainstream perfume releases have relied on million-dollar advertising campaigns in support of a new launch. In a struggling global luxury retail market, every company is striving to stand head and shoulders above their competitors using any means possible, and for many, the marketing and PR departments are working overtime to lure your nose into making a purchase.
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