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A guilty pleasure of mine, Azzaro Chrome is a scent launched in 1996 that never fails to ignite interest in those around me. A masculine scent that plays with woody / herbaceous aromatics and crisp citrus notes, Chrome is a bracing, energizing fragrance that offers simplicity and complexity, rendering it a great go-to scent for any time of day.

Chrome opens with top notes of lemon, bergamot, neroli and pineapple – a zesty, bright flight which feels summery and clean. As it evolves on skin, a more profound heart unfolds... a spicy/mossy blend of oakmoss, coriander cardamom and rosewood mingle with soft florals: cyclamen and jasmine. These accords revolve over a foundation of  sandalwood, cedar and musk. The overall impression is one of relaxed sophistication... it can be worn with crisp white shirts and denim, or with smart/casual suit and tie. 


As the name suggests, Chrome has a glinting, almost-metallic quality – one that renders it fascinating and intriguing to those around you. It wears incredibly well on skin – particularly in the warmer months – which, to my mind, is when this scent really comes alive.

For an uplifting fragrance that offers uniqueness and gathers complements, Chrome delivers every time.

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