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Purveyors of stunning jewels, hotels, and high fashion accessories Bvlgari, have been long revered for their extensive perfume portfolio. In 2003, Bvlgari launched Omnia – a feminine scent which was presented to the world packaged in a flacon that resembled one of their iconic gold link earrings.

A luscious Oriental, Omnia was met with widespread appeal, thanks – in part – to a complex blend of accords that ran the gamut between spiced masala chai and creamy white chocolate! A fragrance that blankets the skin with warm, comforting nuances, it opens with zesty mandarin, orange and ginger, which is followed briskly by deeper, spiced facets of saffron, pepper and cardamom. A sensuous blend of nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon steep in lavish pools of creamy almond and milky chai. The drydown reveals precious woods, tonka bean and mouth-watering white chocolate.

Omnia offers uniqueness and warmth – a scent which usher feelings of familiarity and tranquility. It snuggles close to the skin, just begging to draw someone in.

Its delicate spiciness and oriental / gourmand qualities render Omnia the perfect scent for romantic nights or cooler climes.

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