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A Yatagan is a short antique Turkish sabre - one that was worn on the body primarily to indicate one's wealth and status. French perfume powerhose Caron used this object of desire as the inspiration behind this woody, spicy fragrance for men.


First introduced in 1976, Yatagan conjures scenes from antiquity - Ottoman horses, and exotic landscapes. It's immediate appeal lies in the beautiful mediterranean blend of oriental and woody accords.


Yatagan embraces coniferous woods in the opening - sappy green needles of pine collide with aromatic nuances such as lavender, basil, mint and watercress. But moments later, a deeply satisfying arrangement of precious woods shift to the fore which reassert its masculinity. They are somewhat diaphanous, allowing resinous ambery facets and animalic notes of castoreum and musk to peek through. The perfume is underpinned by a strong, earthy backbone of patchouli and incense, which lend a complex richness to this scent.


Yatagan embraces the best of green notes and woody accords, and translates them into a distant landscape that one might find between the foxed pages of a history book. This eau de toilette can be worn by men much in the same way the ancient sabre once was; as an indicator to allof his fine taste and keen regard for luxury.


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