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Following the colossal success of Dior's 80's powerhouse Poison, the French fashion/cosmetics giant went on to release a collection of Poison flankers in quick succession - all lined up like charming painted Matroshka dolls. Hypnotic Poison- an Oriental perfume - arrived in 1998, and is a celebration of opulent vanilla and addictive floral/spiced accords.


Hypnotic Poison could not be more removed from her older sibling… it has a creamy tonka/vanilla texture which is as soft as cashmere, and notes of soft woods and almond that proffer a lip-smacking marzipan vibe. Bewitching floral heartnotes of jasmine, tuberose, muguet and rose add a complexity and opulence, whilst a lingering base of amber and sandalwood see the perfume dance on skin for many hours. As the perfume is warmed by the body, the air around the wearer is imbued with a stunning vanilla/floral trail.


This release is voluptuous and provocative. Another ageless feminine from the esteemed house of Dior.


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