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Fact Vs. Fiction: Fragrance Myths

What you know and what you have been told may just not be true...and that's why we're here to set the facts straight from the myths. So read on...for the truth, and only the truth about fragrances.

Fact or Fiction?

Spray your perfume in the air & walk through it to smell your very best

FICTION! Don't waste your spritzes of expensive spray...and possibly be staining the carpet, fabric, and anything else your misting away at.  Fragrance is meant to work with your body heat, that's why it's best to apply to your pulse points.

Fact of Fiction?
Rub your wrists together to distribute your fragrance equally.

FICTION! Don't do this, please! This will crush the fragrance molecular structure of the perfume, and not sounding so scientific, this changes the fragrance and how it will smell on you.

Fact of Fiction?
The more expensive a perfume or cologne, the better quality it is. 

FICTION! While it may be true for some instances, this really is all about personal preference. What perfume do you like? Was it expensive?

Fact or Fiction?

Store your perfume in the refrigerator to keep it longer.

FACT! The ingredients in fragrances break down over time, and exposure to light and heat will speed up that process. While keeping them chilled may keep them longer, avoid the extreme of freezing cold, notes can be affected by extreme temperatures.

Fact or Fiction?
Eau de toilette, eau de parfum, and perfume are all the same.

FICTION! These are the distinctions of the actual concentration of the scent. With an “eau,” or water, generally being the lightest (and often less expensive). Get the full detail here.

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