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Fact vs. Fiction: Healthy Hair Myths

MYTH: Switch up your shampoo & conditioner. Your hair can become immune to your shampoo & conditioner

FACT: This is true, you should switch it up! The ingredients in shampoos differ, and if you use one shampoo over a period of time, the ingredients can build up on the hair and reduce the products effectivness.  So...have fun and play around with the shampoos and conditioners you choose! There are so many to pick from! 

MYTH: Stress makes your hair fall out

FACT: There are tons and tons of studies on this topic, however yes, stress and hair loss can be related.  With tremendous stress in your life, you may notice your hair may take longer to grow or more strands are being lost than normal.  This is a result of your hair going into a 'resting' phase and some of these affected hairs may just suddenly fall out. If you are witnessing these symptoms, talk to your doctor on how you can relieve your stress.

MYTH: Frequently trimming your long hair will help make your hair grow even longer, faster

FACT: This is actually false! Hair may grow slightly faster in the summer, but this has nothing to do with trimming your hair, it has everything to do with your hormones.  Do trim your hair often though, this will eliminate split ends and will in fact make your hair look healthier.

MYTH: Rinsing your hair with ice-cold water will get you shiny hair

FACT: Do yourself a favor and don't freeze yourself with a cold shot at the end of your shower. A douse of cold water has no effect on creating more shine for your locks.

MYTH: Brush your hair, 100 strokes a day

FACT: No matter what your grandma told you, brushing your hair 100 strokes a day will kill your hair and it's follicles.  Brush it as you normally do, get the knots out, style your hair as you wish, and put the brush down.

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