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Fact Vs. Fiction: Nail Myths

They say don't believe everything you read, and that's true, but disregard that with this article, because we'll tell you 7 nail myths that you should STOP believing...because they are just not true! 


Fake nails will ruin your natural nails. A pretty popular myth, yes it is a myth, the application and removal of fake nails has significantly become safe for your natural nail. The biting, picking, chewing and so on and so forth could be a result of damange to the fake nail and your real nail. Next time you go to your nail salon, check out your natural nail after your nail tech takes off your fake nail. Should look healthy, smooth, and no thinner than before.


Keep your nail polish in the refigerator to make it last longer.  White the coolness of the fridge will slow the thickening of the polish, making sure the polish top is securely fastened will result in the longer lasting nail polish. Make sure you remove all excess paint that dripped from the brush onto the top of the pot.


Put your freshly painted, wet nails into ice cold water to dry them faster. WRONG. I hope you don't do this! Polish dries fastest when the solvents in the polish forumla are evaporated.  Don't drown them! Put a fan in front of your nails to get the quickest dry.


Eating Jell-o makes weak nails stronger. The same with gulping down milk and other calcium products, these won't do a thing to strenghten your nails! Try a balanced diet with extra protein for rock hard nails.


File in only one direction.  It doesn't matter what direction you file your nails, whether it be up, down, left to right, back and forth, up and down, etc.


Avoid all nail products that contain chemicals.  Unless you want to avoid ALL products, this is nearly impossible. Think about it...even water has a touch of chemicals in it.  Don't necessarily avoid ALL nail products with chemicals in it, but take the time to learn what products you are putting on your nails and go from there to determine whether or not you want to continue to use it.


Cutting your cuticles is good for nail health.  No, no, no.  A recent fact that we learned too, cutting your cuticles can eventually lead to thickened scar-like tissue on your nail. YUCK. Rather than cutting your cuticles, soak your fingertips in warm water, apply a cuticle cream daily, and push back the excess skin.  PLUS, here's a fun fact for you! Did you know that cuticle cutting in some states is actually illegally?! Bizzare, right?




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