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Another company with an impressive history, FLORIS of London opened their doors way back in 1730 when they offered perfume, combs and shaving products to a discerning clientele. Fast forward almost 300 years, and their original flagship store is still found today with shelves stocked with Floris products! Perfumers to the British monarchy, Floris' impressive back-catalogue of perfumed creations were every bit as revered as the scents they continue to release today.

Mahon Leather is one such scent which straddles the line between yesterday and today  - a unisex fragrance which marries their rich history to modern tastes in perfumery. Whilst some leather scents are quite punchy and bitter, Mahon Leather is infinitely more refined. Its key notes of saffron and leather are seamlessly blended and introduced to a verdant green vetiver, pale woods and warm amber. This eau de parfum feels somewhat foppish - perfect for the modern day Dandy - a scent that smells like a person who is meticulously groomed. Restrained refinement.

Mahon Leather ought to be liberally applied as it wears close to the skin. Both men and women can enjoy this scent as a part of their everyday grooming ritual.








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