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Fragrance Review: Thierry Mugler cologne

Thierry Mugler's approach to creating Cologne, was to draw upon the historic culture of cologne, and thrust it forward several hundred millennia into a far-flung spacescape. He wanted to create a synthesis of fragrant molecules that would unify men and women, and honour the idea of androgyny. As a result, this gender-neutral perfume release is brimming with clean, striking, soapy freshness - drawing upon the pristine vitality of mother earth.

A crisp and refreshing elixir, this perfume is full of rousing citruses: bergamot and petit grain, which shimmer over an invigorating heart of neroli / orange blossom and bracing white musk. The sum of these individual components are clean and almost soapy…. they hover over a rather organic nucleus - an aromachemical trademarked by the house of Mugler, simply called the "S note"… the effect being rather like smelling citrusy green soap on warm skin.

As with most colognes, Mugler's scent is intended to be applied liberally. It is arguably best applied by splashing it into ones cupped hand and rubbed across the body and the back of the neck. It is a wonderfully uplifting scent when worn in the summer months, or deliciously clean and calming when sprinkled on bathrobes and bedsheets at all times of year.

If Cologne is anything to go by, we should look forward to the next time the house of Mugler transports us off to extrasolar landscapes around the Mugler galaxy.


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