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Get Beachy Wavy Hair Without the Beach

Beachy, wavy, tousled hair is THE perfect hairstyle option for those summer months where the heat is just unbearable.  Who needs to heat up a curling iron or straightening tool when you can just create gorgeous beach waves? Save some time (and your hair) by creating a sexy, wavy hair look with no heat at all!

There are a few ways of doing so, but all of them start with a styling cream in damp hair. Apply a small amount of product into your hand and rub together, scrunching and smoothing into your locks. Now that the 1st step is done, choose your way of creating your look.

The first way you can do this, is to create a sock bun after your shower and applying styling product.  This will create gorgeous, voluminous waves in the morning or hours after your hair has dried.  To see how to get a sock bun look, check out our tutorial here.

Another option to getting a wavy hair look is to braid your hair.  Braid your hair, in a fishtail braid or a regular braid as your hair is damp.  Spray some holding spray in it as the braid is sitting and apply mousse product once you have taken the braided strands out. Remember not to apply too much product, you will lose the beachy wavy hair effect and it will be crispy and crunchy waves instead.

For a very natural, tousled wave look, separate your hair into 4 sections. Create a “messy bun” for each section; apply a gel spray or holding spray.  Again, let hair dry overnight or for a few hours and when hair is dry, apply some mousse to add volume and keep hold of the wave.

Do you love the beach wave hair look? How do YOU get your look perfected?  


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