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Get Flawless Skin, Fast!

Achieving a clear, flawless complexion is no easy task, but when you mix and match the right products and a certain regimen, having a flawless face is no problem!


Wash Your Face

This may seem like a no brainer, but it's true, and lots of people don't take this wise advice to wash your face every morning and every night (no matter how late you get home from a night out).  Did you wash your face this morning? Dust, dirt and bacteria do accumulate on your skin in your beauty sleep, so be sure to rid that to start a fresh day! Use warm water to open the pores and after cleansing, finish with a splash of cold to close those pores up!

 Drink LOTS of Water

Water is the key to a clear complexion and not only healthy skin, but a healthy body, soul, and mind. Get a gorgeous glow after drinking water, lots of it. This won't happen over night, but guaranteed, a few weeks in, you'll thank us!

 Tea Trea Oil

Apply tea tree oil to blemishes with a cotton swab. It may smell a bit odd, but this natural ingredient works well to clear spots.

 Eat Antioxidants

Berries, nuts, salmon, oatmeal...these foods have supplements that will provide your skin the right amount of goodness to heal, repair, and improve your overall complexion.

 Use that SPF
Another common sense tip, but unfortunately is not so common. It's very important to protect your skin that you work oh so hard, to keep looking lively and young. Use SPF to block the harmful rays and yes, use in the winter season too! You can easily get a moisturizer or foundation with SPF already it in for easy application.


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