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In 2012, Jacques Guerlain's Art Nouveau masterpiece L'Heure Bleue celebrated it's 100th birthday, which I see as testament to the adoration of millions for this timeless scent. Considered one of the classical perfume pillars in Guerlain's vast timeline, L'Heure Bleue (The Blue Hour) is a feminine fragrance full of nostalgia and wistfulness that still casts a big shadow on the perfume world today.

Composed in 1912, Jacques Guerlain wanted to capture a poetic moment at twilight when there is a sense of melancholy in the air... an hommage to the minutes between day and night, when light is dwindling and the sky is painted in hues of dark blue. It is challenging to describe this perfume because it manages to transport the wearer to a different point in time, unleashing thoughts and recollections from the past. However, it captures many aspects of Paris in a bottle... toasty, buttery French pastries, evaporating rain, dusty drawing rooms with wooden panels, wax candles burning in a church... everyone's perception is unique unto themselves. The topnotes are bergamot and aniseed, the heart notes, heliotrope, carnation and neroli, and the basenotes, iris, violet, vanilla, tonka and resins.


L'Heure Bleue feels introverted, haunted, and with a sorrowful pang of yearning. It is unrivaled in its beauty, and indeed a breathtaking example of artistry and genius by the hand of one of the world's most respected and revered perfumers. Try it today.

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