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One of the enduring legacies that perfume nose Jean Paul Guerlain left us from the 80's, was Samsara - an opulent woody oriental scent for women which evoked daydreams and extravagant spectres of India. "Samsara" was Guerlain's answer to the 1980's oriental favourite Opium by Yves Saint Laurent, and it has a loyal following very much in kind.


Extravagance and sumptuousness abound, Samsara is every bit as colourful and luxurious as a decadent Indian wedding. Deep, indolic jasmine tumbles over fragrant ylang-ylang blossoms and crimson rose petals…one imagines flashes of striking colour, and shimmering citrus accords give the glint of hammered gold. There is a stunning, smooth-as-silk creaminess that this perfume is built upon… an enduring foundation of perfumed sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, honeyed amber and musk.


Samsara is devoutly feminine, and was created very much in an 80's "bigger is better" style. It has definite presence, and is somewhat of a head-turner. Few women today would go unnoticed whilst wearing this lovely perfume which has fast become a classic.


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