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Fragrance flashback: Scents of the '70s

Next fall's fashion lineup
is looking to be wildly influenced by the 70s. Got me thinking about fragrances from the 1970s ... and better yet, some of the commercials that hawked 'em (like Revlon Charlie above). Here's a list.

Revlon Charlie (1973)

It may be your mother's go-to fragrance, but Charlie by Revlon is a bonafide classic perfume. Introduced in 1973, Revlon's Charlie was instantly adored by women for its cheerful but sophisticated blend of sharp florals and feminine woody notes. The "Charlie Girl" is an iconic figure of the 70s. The woman who wore Charlie was confident, a go-getter and could do anything a man could do.

Opium by Yves Saint Laurent (1977)

Opium perfume is a true classic scent by Yves Saint Laurent. It is still one of the design house's most popular fragrances. Evenings were made for Opium perfume for women and Opium cologne for men. Rich in mystery and exotic appeal, Yves Saint Laurent Opium fragrances present an oriental, spicy scent filled with erotic enticement.

Chloe by Chloe (1975)

Launched in 1975, Chloe perfume is a perfect balance between feminine notes of rose and orange blossom, met by the deep scents of cedar and amber, make the Chloe fragrance one of depth and intrigue.

Tea Rose by Perfumers Workshop (1972)

It was 1972 when Perfumers Workshop launched Tea Rose perfume, a refined spicy and floral fragrance that became an instant classic. A sexy, feminine fragrance, Tea Rose blends bergamot, rose and lily with a rich heart of tuberose, jasmine and cedar. It's well-rounded by a base of amber, beautiful rosewood and sandalwood.

Brut Cologne by Faberge (OK, so it's 1964)

Refined, spicy, lavender and amber classifies this masculine scent. Faberge Brut cologne has citrus top notes and hints of spicy woods. It is cologne that is recommended for evening wear. It has been called ladies’ man cologne and was actually a cologne worn by the legendary Elvis Presley. Joe Namath was the face of Brut in the 1973 commercial.

Anais Anais by Cacharel (1978)

Like a bouquet of freshly-picked flowers, Cacharel Anais Anais perfume is fresh and romantic. Young at heart, Anais Anais perfume is clean and sweet. Thanks to the addition of leather and cedar, Cacharel Anais Anais isn't overly sweet or too cutsie…it's a scent that delivers a lovely fragrance balance that anyone can wear.
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