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As far as French luxury brands are concerned, Hermes is right at the top of the food chain – their history reaches back to 1837, and today, they are revered for their leather goods, lifestyle accessories, homewares and perfumes.

Concentre d'Orange Verte is a verdant, citrusy green eau de toilette which is based on the much-loved Eau d'Orange Verte. For decades Eau d'Orange Verte has become a mainstay in the perfume wardrobes of many a perfimista – loved for its crisp, yet fleeting, fresh citrus hit. In 2004 the good folk at Hermes launched the 'Concentre' version – offering a concentrated formula that lasts longer on skin.

Concentre d'Orange Verte is a citrus aromatic scent which features orange, amber, basil, mint, patchouli and cedar. It is cooling and crisp... brushing over skin like a light Mediterranean breeze. Perfect for summer, or hot, humid climates.

Adored by both genders, this Hermes creation takes its place in an impressive lineup of scents from this well respected house.

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