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Hermes house nose Jean Claude Ellena is responsible for authoring the brand's range of 'eaux de colognes' – a series of brisk and uplifting splashes that are wonderfully satisfying, although also somewhat fleeting. These eaux were designed as a tonic to apply liberally, much like the classic colognes of yesteryear. In 2009, Ellena explored the rare flower 'Gentian', and gave it a starring role in Hermes' Eau de Gentiane Blanche.


Because of their alpine home in the mountains of Asia, the Americas, Africa and Oceania, few have actually sniffed the actual flower, but some have tasted it in liquors, where it is used as a flavorant, especially in Europe. Ellena has done well to capture the spirit of this elusive blossom in this cologne. Eau de Gentiane Blanche opens with a slightly bitter, floral note of gentian, which is accompanied by a husky green / earthy iris accord. Musky notes anchor the scent to skin, and the sum of these ingredients hints at the presence of bell peppers or capsicums, although no such element exists. There is a green spiciness present which makes this cologne uniquely different to a number of the other Hermes eaux.


Eau de Gentiane Blanche is often overlooked from the line, as its uniqueness differentiates it from its bolder, louder siblings. If you crave a unisex scent that is somewhat introverted and truly like no other, this is well worth a sniff.




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