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Sometimes a house with it's roots planted deep down in the 19th century can be seen as somewhat conservative and stuffy, but thats not the case for Hermes. Whilst drawing upon their vast history that extends way back into the 1800's, Hermes still manage to create exciting, modern perfumes that record a vivid snapshot of our time in the here and now.

Voyage d'Hermes is such a scent. It is inspired by the very idea of traveling, rather than the destination itself. It embodies vastness and bountiful space... an ethereal expanse of time and distance and an olfactory rendering of the invisible and the implied, rather than a place; an object, or a person.

Listing the notes of this scent would almost prove pointless, as Jean-Claude Ellena's masterful blending renders many of them impossible to distinguish... rather, he has created an overall feeling of sheerness, like light and air filtering through the firmament. It is beautiful in its modernness, its simplicity, and its freshness.

Voyage d'hermes is a genderless scent that feels avant garde, but does not feel out of sorts with other scents in the Hermes stable. Despite it's sweeping sense of airiness, it is surprisingly persistent. A wonderful, modernistic creation ideal for any person, any season, in any situation. Truly accomplished.


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