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How To: Fishtail Braid

This beautiful braid looks amazing, and amazingly complicated, but trust me, after trying it out, it's totally not! Suprising, yes, but true.  This may be one beauty look that looks hard and is the complete opposite. So grab a hair scrunchie and braid along with us!

You can wear this braid however you'd like, but most often, we've seen it on the runways and on celebs pushed to the side.  So, for a side fishtail braid look, follow the simple steps below for an unbelievably easy look.

  • Part your hair down the center or create a side part, whichever you prefer
  • Pull all of your hair to one side and tie in your hair scrunchy to create a pony tail (be sure to keep the tie loose, you will slip it off once the braid is finished)
  • Next, split the ponytail into two pieces
  • Grabbing from the outer pieces, begin braiding. Take a small piece from one ponytail and place it in the middle, then take a small piece from the other side and place it in the middle.
  • Continue this pattern of alternating taking hair from each side of the pony tail until you have gotten down to the last hair strands.
  • Finish your braid with a hair tie to hold
  • Pull the top hair tie off carefully
  • Lastly, pull the fish tail braid outward from the center for a loose, lovely look
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