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How To Hair: Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week

Alexander McQueen beauty, hair, and collections are typically whimsical, futuristic, and not likely to be worn on a daily basis. HOWEVER, this simple and semi-everyday look is wearable & can be worn for just the right occasion, whatever it is you deem it to be.  This look is definitely considered a fun, different type of braid look.  As hair stylist Guido, who perfected this look says, 'this look is not one that is wearable', we take his styling tips and some of our tricks for a look that can be rocked for..well just the right occasion.

Create the Look:

  • On clean hair, apply a multi-care oil and blowdry it to create a soft shine
  • Take hair & start by grabbing a circular section at the crown, and divide it into 3 sections, beginning to French braid the hair, starting at the middle.
  • Continue braiding until you reach right under your ear, going all the way counter clockwise
  • Pull out a few wisps of hair to keep the final look easy and soft. 
  • Top off the look with a beret or headband for a complete, wearable look

At this show, Redken Creative consultant Guido created intricate hair masks for each model--this truly created a fabulous, fantasy like look.

"Overall this season, there was a simplicity and wearablility to the styles we created, but this is not one of them. Often we talk about Fashion Week hairstyles as being more fantasy and aspirational, and the look we created today at Alexander McQueen is just that. All the models are wearing these very intricate masks that I designed with Sarah [Burton] and the idea came from the masks we created for the McQueen exhibit at the Met in New York. It's always fun and different to work in a design capacity, so when Sarah showed me the collection, the "hair" evolved from there. Each headpiece is slightly individual. In order for the masks to fit on the models' heads, we braided the hair underneath. This made the overall look more embellished and richer, as you can slightly see the braids through the mask.”

–Guido, Redken Creative Consultant

Photo Courtesy: McQueen
Photo Courtesy: McQueen
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