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Make Your Perfume Last Longer

Wondering how to make your perfume last longer? Well of course you are, you didn’t just happen to stumble upon this article for no reason at all! Let’s get into a little perfume talk about how you can make your favorite fragrances last longer than ever before.

First, let’s take into consideration the type of fragrances you are using. Perfumes are made up of different concentrations, different classifications, and depending on which you wear, this may instantly solve your problem!  The more concentrated a fragrance, the longer it will last.  So what do you wear? Perfume? Espirit de Parfum? Eau de parfum, eau de toilette, eau de cologne, perfume mist or splash? HA! You didn’t know that all existed did you? And no..they are not named differently for marketing purposes only, they actually have different aromatic compounds, which effect the intensity and longetivity of your scent. So…if you are using a eau de toilette, which is most common, and are looking for a stronger, longer lasting fragrance, go with an eau de parfum. That was easy, right? But want more? We got you covered!

Layer up!  Lucky for us, layering with fragrance is easy to do when we have matching shower gels and body lotions offered with our favorite fragrance.  Using the shower gel, soap, shampoo, etc. of your fave fragrance will help make your fragrance last all day long!

Don’t let your spray go to waste! Spray on your pulse points

When you apply your fragrance, apply it to areas that produce heat, so think the base of the throat, the wrist, your elbow, back of knees, your ankles and of course work your way from head to toe.

Keep Moisturized, Smell Amazing Longer

When your skin is moisturized, your skin allows the perfume to soak into the skin and last longer, rather than quickly evaporate. Here’s a great way to layer up on your fave fragrance too! Apply the matching body lotion before applying the perfume.

Don’t Spray on Clothes, DO spray on hair

Don’t apply on your clothes since perfume is made to work with your body, it’s responsive to your body heat.  DO spray perfume in  your hair for a lovely, lingering effect.


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