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Most Common Make Up Mishaps & How to Avoid

Don't do this! We've all seen these make up mishaps, the overpowdered nose, the too light concealer, too dark foundation, and then the case of bad blush (YIKES!) Be sure that these common make up mistakes don't happen to you!

  • Avoid Overpowdering Having too much powder will make you look 10 years older than you really are...and no one wants that unless you're 16, right?  So, when applying powder, dip the application brush into the powder and tap it against the rim of the container. Lightly 'flick' the brush across your face in circular motions to blend in. Don't be greedy with the powder, lighten up and you can always dip back in for more!
  • Too Light Undereye Concealer Great for Halloween, not so great on a daily basis, this beauty no-no is very common and can be easily avoided. Of course we all want to hide those dark spots and circles under our eyes, but even better, covering it with the exact same color of our skin tone.  With under eye concealer, it's a tricky thing.  You see, you want it to be a bit lighter than your skin tone but NOT any more than one tone lighter. When applying the concealer, swipe and pat. Do not drag your fingers under your eyes, this is a very sensitive area. Pat, pat, pat!
  • Too Dark Foundation  You know, there is bronzer for that?! Don't play slick and go a tone darker than your natural skin tone.  People notice! Stick to matching your foundation with your skin tone and later on, apply a bronzer! Don't forget to apply to the neck and jawline!
  • Bad Blush Dab your blush brush into a peachy, pink powder and ever so lightly sweep it upwards on your cheeks.  The key to not overblushing is to apply a small amount of powder and to very (very) lightly stroke the brush against your cheeckbones.
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