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Perfumers to the British royal family Penhaligon's sure know how to amp up the glam with their striking new unisex release Juniper Sling - a scent inspired by the widely revered spirit London Dry Gin, and one that pays hommage to the Art Deco age.

Juniper Sling is a startlingly smooth blend which opens with a bit of 'razzle-dazzle'... a shot of crisp gin, sappy juniper and a scattering of black pepper fire up the senses, whilst soft leather, cinnamon and dusty iris give the scent a tranquil, narcotising quality. There is no doubt that this perfume smells like an exceptionally good cocktail... it is somehow diaphanous, yet complex. It's biting orange brandy note and huff of angelica make it delectably fragrant, whilst a hint of black cherry and brown sugar in the base lend themselves to a lip-smacking drydown. Despite these food-like accords, Juniper Sling veers away from the gourmand and maintains its vibe more as a delicately-refined tipple. Vetiver and ambergris in the base also lend a sense of clean, green transparency.

This boozy Penhaligon's release sets the tone for nights of fun, laughter and high spirits, but of course, without the subsequent hangover. Chin-chin!

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