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Italian fashion house Prada underwent a colossal overhaul of their brand in the early 2000's and bounced back into the limelight with their swanky tailored fashion and accessories pretty much for the first time since the 80's. Along with this colossal resurrection came a series of masterful perfumes for men and women.


In 2007, Prada launched the very first of it's perfumed "Infusions" which has since grown to become a series of luxurious studies in single-flower fragrances. Infusion d'Iris was met with much adulation in the perfume world and set the benchmark for further releases in the line.


Iris, as a note, tends to have a lovely husky texture… one that is soft and powdery. Infusion d'Iris has this fleecy quality in abundance, but it is so much more! A palette of mandarin, iris, cedar, orange and resinous mastic and benzoin have all been seamlessly integrated in this perfume to create a scent which is elegant and appealing. It is perhaps best worn liberally, more like an eau de cologne… it is soft as cotton and not the least bit overwhelming. It is the ideal scent to wear as a refreshing and sophisticated pick-me-up, or to perfume one's bed linen with.


Infusion d'Iris reminds us that luxury can be affordable.


Great deals can be found on whopping 13.5oz bottles, so fear not, and splash with mad abandon!


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