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Looking for instant solace, warmth and coziness in a bottle? Then look no further! Master craftsman Serge Lutens created Chergui in 2005, and it has since become a mainstay in the Serge Lutens portfolio. Chergui has a cult-like following… both men and women the world over reach for their square-shouldered flacons and exclusive bell-shaped jars to apply this possessing elixir. It has just the right blend of elegance and sympathetic spiciness.


Chergui was named after a North African desert wind - one full of mystery and timeless enchantment. This deep chocolate-brown juice holds unbound pleasure… a wrist-sniffing perfume that will make your eyes roll back in your head. Ambery tendrils of tobacco leaf cartwheel over honey accords, iris, rose and musk. There is a hay-like sweetness that is warm and enveloping - one that adds complexity and a more-ish quality to the perfume. Soft curls of incense permeate throughout the composition, making for an exquisite scent that is every bit as unique and shape-changing as the shifting desert sands.


Chergui is not an overpowering perfume, rather, it speaks in hushed whispers, brushing your skin like the lightest of zephyrs. A rare beauty from this revered niche perfume house.



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