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Spring Cleaning: Beauty Update

Spring cleaning refers to beauty too! Time for a beauty update and time for spring cleanin' in that makeup bag of yours! Updating your brushes, mascara, eye shadows, foundations and powders are very important! Not only does switching up your beauty regime matter, but it's most important to throw out those old beauty products and utilities and start fresh for the new season.

Take charge and get into the spring of things by updating your beauty regimen and do some spring cleaning in that makeup case of yours!


  • Get to the bottom of it all! Dump it all out (ugh, yes) and make three piles. A 'I don't use this, this is garbage' pile, a 'I use this daily pile' and a 'I use this, but not on a daily basis pile'. 
  • Throw out that garbage pile! Wasn't that easy?
  • Now check your other two piles for quality and quantity.  If you're not completely satisfied with the product or you can't remember when you purchased it, get rid of it. It's not worth the blemish or eye infection in the long run!
  • Not sure if they're good? Mascara lasts only three to four months. Foundation can last up to two years (but still, be careful!), lipstick and gloss can last up to three years and eye and lip pencil lasts to three to five years (as long as you sharpen them before each use and keep them 'fresh')
  • Create a daily makeup bag and another bag of trendy or beauty products you use, just not on a daily basis. This will create an easy, stress free morning of getting ready!
  • Clean your makeup brushes. You can clean your brushes with a shampoo or foaming face wash. Be sure to use warm water and lather up! Rinse the brushes thoroughly until the water turns clear. Stroke the brush on your wrist to be sure all power/foundation is removed. Lay the brushes flat to dry on a clean towel.


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