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Three ways to make your makeup last all day

There are few things in life we want to last all day, but one that we would love...all day? How about our make up staying put? Especially with the warmer weather, what am I kidding, the insane heatwaves coming our way, there is nothing more that I want than my makeup to not melt off my face, muddle and move, and slowly fade throughout the day. 

Here's three quick and easy additions to your daily face routine that will make the products you use already stay strong and last long.

Numero uno, most importantly, start your face off with a lightweight primer.  This will help your makeup 'melt' into your skin, in a good way, and leave you with a flawless foundation application, even in the summer heat.

A finishing powder will be the next essential, and last step to your beauty routine. With a large kabuki or face brush, use the powder as a way to 'veil' your makeup and set it into place. This will keep a matte look while keeping shine under control when it's most needed.

Lastly, as I mentioned in the paragraph before, matte, you want to always go for a matte finish when creating a long lasting makeup effect. Forget the highlighting cream and anything with shimmer, you want to create a smooth, oil-free look with your complexion.

Questions? Feel free to comment below and let us know what works for you to make your makeup last all day!

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