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Are you nuts about the smell of a leather handbag, Italian leather shoes, or an all-leather car interior? Well, arguably *the* jewel in the crown of Tom Ford's Private Blend collection, Tuscan Leather  is without doubt one of his most-loved fragrances from this line. It exudes luxuriousness, charm and sophistication.

Tuscan Leatheris an exercise in refinement... it incorporates a stunning suede-like smokey leather accord, and embellishes it with various notes that enhance its different facets. Spiced saffron, incense and precious woods amplify the more masculine animalic aspect, whilst thyme, jasmine and raspberry furnish the scent with a more delicate, feminine air. And therein lies it's secret! Tuscan Leather is every bit as good on a woman as it is on a man!

It has exceptional persistence, and radiates an exquisitely-scented aura... one that lasts the better part of an entire day!

Tuscan Leather is somewhat linear – meaning that what you smell in the opening is pretty much what you'll smell several hours later. It is incredibly versatile, making it the perfect scent to wear to the office during the day, or to semi-formal and formal affairs in the night.

Rich. Luxurious. Expensive.

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