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Regarded by many as the King of all that's chic and cool, Tom Ford unleashed Violet Blonde in 2011 - his most recent mainstream creation - much to the delight of die-hard perfumistas!

Following in the same vain as his previous releases Black Orchid, White Patchouli and Grey Vetiver, Tom has added another colour to the Ford Beauty rainbow, and indeed another interpretation of a single material from the perfumer's palette. Violet is obviously the protagonist in this epic fragrance narrative.


Violet Blonde is as glamourous as it gets! A beautifully orchestrated blend of violet leaf, Tuscan iris, Italian mandarin and pink peppercorns meet the nose upon first application. It feels spirited, sexy and playful. But moments later, one comes to recognise a luxurious orris butter which furnishes the scent with a powdery, suede-like sensuality. It mingles with blooming jasmine, musk and resinous / woody nuances which dance on skin for hours. The sum of all these components is totally bewitching… it feels enchanting and sophisticated - a modern day love potion for women who aim to beguile and ensnare.


Violet Blonde lasts many hours on skin. It has above average persistence, and will linger in the air moments after you leave a room. And who wouldn't like that to be the lasting impression you leave in the memories of others?




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