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Trend that Needs to END: Pointy Nails

There are tons of beauty trends that are way out there, and pointy nails are just one of them that to us, are just plain weird and out of the ordinary.  This claw-like nail look is perfect for Halloween weekend, that is of course if you plan to dress as a witch or cat, but other than that...completely uncalled for. Sorry! 

Celebs like Fergie, Lady GaGa, and Rihanna have been sporting this crazy nail shape for over the past year or so, but this wacky look needs to get out of the spotlight.

Firstly, how do you do everyday things, like use the keypaid to dial a phone number on your phone, or button your shirt..pants, type on the keyboard?  The questions are limitless...and don't even get us started with thinking about this look and it's poor health of your nails, can you imagine? Filing your nails to they are pointy just makes us shudder. 
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