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Trend to Try: Colored Streaks

Brightly colored streaks are still a big hit, on and off the runway (Gucci was one designer who especially inspired us with this trend), and a trend we'd most definitely want to try.  We've seen mostly colors like purple, blue, red, and pink streakin' their way onto blondes, brunettes, and dark haired women, but colored streaks are here to stay for Summer 2012

There are so many ways to streak hair strands too, like for example, just streaking some of your bangs, streaking the 'underneath' section of your hair, or even only the top, or just the bottom tips are pretty prominent lately.

An important step in streaking your hair is to first strip the pieces you plan to color, or else, most likely, if your hair is darker than the color you plan to color it (aka if you are not a blonde) you must bleach your hair to get the color to show through.

So it's not a one step dye process, but really a two step process, unless of course you are naturally a blonde, then you're a step ahead!

What color can you see yourself trying?

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