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Trend to Try: Ombre Lips

Ombre has been a big part of the beauty industry lately, whether it be ombre hair, ombre nails, or the latest trend, ombre lips. Want to try the new 'it' trend of the season, grab a duo of lipsticks and let's begin.

  • First, start off with the lighter of the two lipsticks you have chosen to work with. Begin to apply the lightest color to the center of the lips.
  • Add the darker color to the edge of your lips
  • Use a lipstick brush to feather and blend the two colors together
  • Add another coat of the lighter lip over the first base application of the lightest color
  • Again feather the light color with a lip brush into the darker color to blend.

Not only is this a cool, and not to mention easy trend to try, but it also helps you achieve the effect of a filler lip! 


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