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Trend We Love: Ombre Hair

Photo Credit: Redken

The ombre-hair trend is a two toned lock look we simply love!  With countless celebs, like Rachel Bilson, Drew Barrymore, and Sarah Jessica Parker, rockin' this look with ease, it's no wonder this trend is not ending anytime soon.  These trendsetters have it right, and the ombre hair trend is the hottest beauty must have now!

Most typically, we've seen the medium brown, deep chestnut auburn hair color slowly fade into a light brown, blond hair color.  However, that is not always the case. 

We came across this ombre hair look at Prada's Fall 2012 runway show in Milan.  It's an extreme ombre look that goes from blond to black, would you dare to try? This dramatic look is definitely a 'runway' look, but do you think you would be able to pull it off every day? Or would you stick to the more natural hair colors for a more 'believable' look?

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