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Weird Beauty Tips

These beauty tips will work wonders, just ignore the fact they are a bit shocking, weird and simply put, out of the ordinary.

1.      Don’t you hate when you wear that deep red or dark plum color on your nails and after you repeatedly try to remove it with nail polish remover, your nail has been left stained?   Go sour with this one…grab a lemon wedge dipped in baking soda and scrub each finger nail for a clean and clear, shiny nail.  Be careful for cuts and cuticles, this may sting if you have any open cuts.

2.      Pepto-Bismol can be used for blemishes as well as tummy aches! Reduce the redness of blemishes and shrink those pores by dabbing Pepto onto your problem areas on your face and leave to dry.  Wash away with warm water, voila!

3.      Honey, honey…not only great in tea but great for repairing dry/cracked skin and wards off bacteria.  Apply a small squeeze on your lips for a tasty remedy!

4.      While we’re on the subject of honey and tea, chilled green tea bags work wonders for dark circles and puffy eyes! Green tea is loaded with antioxidants, so this will help reduce inflammation under your eyes or even help remedy those annoying blemish spots.  Before applying to your face or eyes, be sure to let the tea bag cool, be especially careful when applying to your under eyes! Not into the whole tea bag idea? Grab some Preparation H, and de-puff those eyes.

5.      Milk is not only a great source of calcium, but it’s great for skin softening.  Add milk to a hot bath or soak your hands/feet in a milky watery bath, want to go crazy with it and get super soothing effects, mix in olive oil or honey!

6.      Make it a double! Use your face moisturizer as a make-up remover!  Made an ‘oops’ with your eyeliner or blinked when applying your mascara? No worries, take a dab of your face moisturizer and with a Q-tip, gently wipe away your mistakes.

7.      Had a self tanning mishap? Lookin’ a bit streaky? Don’t panic, just head into your cupboard and find your new best friend, Baking Soda.  Wet some baking soda in your hand and massage it on your tan mishap(s).  This will exfoliate off all the streaks, uneven application, and dead skin cells that’s creating that blotchy tan look.  After you’ve fixed your tanning error, try again!

Have any weird but amazing beauty tips? Share them with us!

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