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Spring and summer fragrances

Strawberries, homegrown tomatoes, lemonade and fresh rain are just a few summertime scents that trigger the olfactory senses.

Naturally when the weather warms up, we begin to shed our layers. One such layer is our favorite winter fragrance, which tends to be heavier and warmer, like our that old winter blanket. We toss it aside and hunt for a new scent that captures the essence of summer.

Not only does our personal preference change for a certain fragrance, but our body chemistry changes as well. We sweat and shower more, use bug spray and sunscreen. All of these factors can change the way a perfume works for us.

During the summer, we look for lighter, crisper fragrances that scream fruity citrus sexiness or breezy ocean rain air.

Think light, fruity, citrusy and crisp. Think summer.

A sampling of fun, summer fragrances:

D&G Light Blue: Light Blue opens with a green apple top note, giving it its notorious crispness.

Lola by Marc Jacobs: The girl who wears Lola is a flirty, fun, free spirit who lives and breathes summer!

Le Feu d'Issey Light by Issey Miyake: Subtle sophistication, perfect for romantic summer nights.

Boucheron: Flowers and citrus all rolled into one.

Pleasures by Estee Lauder: A summertime flower garden dotted with lilies, violets, roses and peonies!

Halle by Halle Berry: An edgier fragrance that draws invokes summer sexy.

Burberry Summer: Refreshing, crisp with a hint of sweetness.

Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible Soleil d’ete: Irresistibly feminine. He won't say no to a summer night stroll.
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