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Confession: What's your Biggest Beauty Mistake?

We all have those moments where we know we're not supposed to do something, but eh, what the heck. And then after we go ahead and "just do it", well, we feel guilty for our mistakes.  Can you relate? Oh there are so many confessions we can lay out on the table right now, but we wont bore you to death with them. That's why we're asking YOU to tell us your deepest and darkest beauty mistake secrets.

Has it been biting your nails or even worse chomping on your cuticles? Or maybe dying your hair with box dye, and rather your hair turning out to be a auburn/red, you turned your hair into hot pink?
We want to hear it all! The grimy, the gross, and most of all...the HILARIOUS beauty mistakes you've made in the past. C'mon...fess up and tell us what your biggest beauty boo-boo has been.

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