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Miss Universe Organization Signs Fragrance License

Moving past the ball gowns, swim suits, equality and world peace, the Miss Universe Organization has signed a fragrance license with Neil J. Katz and his Omni Scents.  Just in time for back to school shopping, there will be 3 new fragrances on the market, a trio of scents for women that are inspired by Miss Universe, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA contests.  
According to WWD, "focusing on “modern perceptions of beauty,” the global release will be the first license to launch from Omni Scents, Katz said. “Miss Universe fragrance collection will, we believe, resonate with women all over the globe who look to each contestant as a representative of what every girl dreams of becoming — beautiful, talented, a winner in every sense,” said the Omni Scents founder and president. “Truly, this is a fragrance concept that captures aspirational glamour, as it appeals to every girl who wants to feel confidently beautiful.” 

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