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How To Hair: Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week

Looking for a sculpted, wavy look?  Lucky you, Miu Miu had just that to match their glamorous Spring/Summer 2012 collection. 

 "“At Miu Miu, we’re replicating this new type of texture that we’ve seen a lot of this season. Miu Miu is Prada’s “little sister” so we used a similar texture seen in Milan at Prada as a reference for today. The hair is down with a few waves in the front and in the back – it’s finished with Redken’s forceful 23 so you know there’s something in it. ”

                                        –Guido, Redken Creative Consultant
Now create the look!
  • Apply a blow-dry gel to damp hair and rough dry
  • While your hair is still warm from the blow dryer, pull your hair into a knot at the occipital bone and let set for 15 minutes or hair is done cooling
  • Pull your hair out so that there is a slight wave in the back
  • For the front part, create a center part and puoll the left and right sections(seperately) slightly over the forehead to create a wave effect and tuck behind the ears
  • Finish the look with a strong hairspray so that hair is completely stiff. You want to create a very hard looking texture

Love this look & plan to try it? Let us know where you wear it!

 Photo Courtesy: Miu Miu/BeautyPress

MiuMiu SS 2012 Hair


 Photo Courtesy: Miu Miu/BeautyPress

MiuMiu SS 2012 Hair

 Photo Courtesy: Miu Miu/BeautyPress
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Summer Make Up Trend How To: Orange Hues

Of all the hues to wear, besides red, orange is a 'harsh' tone to work with on many skin tone types.  But it doesn't have to be this way, there are ways you can fit the bright hue into your every day beauty, and what perfect timing with the summer season on it's way!  Make your life more interesting and read on to see how you can really make your eyes pop this season by wearing the bright hue on your eyes.


It's sounds a little bold & daring, but it's a great color, especially for blue eyes-- it's a great complimentary color!

  • Apply a white base shadow and blend towards your brow bone
  • Pat a metallic gold on the inner corner of your lid
  • Next, apply the bright hue the mid and outer corner of your lid, blending it with the metallic gold color
  • Line the lid with a brown or black eyeliner, gliding the liner as close to the lashline as possible
  • Take a face powder or nude shadow color and apply to the browbone and blend down
  • If you'd like to define your crease, blend a bronze or brown shadow from your crease line and blend outward
  • For more eye brightness, line the lower lash line corner with the orange hue and line the rest of your lower waterline with the brown or black liner you lined your upper lid
  • Apply mascara to your lashes and curl your upper lashes for even more definition.

Would you wear this hue on your lids? Which product would you pick?

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New York Fashion Week S/S 2012 Backstage at Ralph Lauren

We'll help you take the hottest beauty trends from the runway to everyday! Take a peek behind the scenes as we get the scoop on the latest beauty trends backstage at Ralph Lauren!

This season's look is elegant, classic, and can be classified in one word -- perfection!

 Get the Look


Makeup artist Tom Pecheux started with a matte foundation, then applied white eye shadow from the eyelid to the brow bone.  Then he placed black mascare on the upper lash only, and then curled the top lash for added impact.  He used an apricot and pink blush on the apples of the cheeks, adding a sweet dimension, and finished the look with a gold-hued gloss placed softly on the lips.

Photo Credit: Photography/FirstView and Post/shootdigital


Hair stylist Fuido Palau kept the hair clean, simple and modern -- the 'epitome of the Ralph Lauren woman.  "The look is easy sophistication achieved by a ponytail. It's very elegant, but not forced. It's just about true beauty and a luxurious look."

To create this look:

  • Blow dry hair, spritzing a volume spray to achieve a bouncy blowout
  • Part hair in center and pull back using fingers to make it feel effortless
  • Pull hair back into a ponytail a few inches above the nape of the neck and tie with elastic.
  • take a small section of the hair and wrap around the elastic to cover the elastic band
  • Finish with a finishing spray to smooth any flyaways

RalphLauren SS 2012

Photo Credit: Photography/FirstView and Post/shootdigital


To complement this look, spritz Ralph Lauren Romance onto the pulse points and on effortless ponytail.

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Ren Launches Sultry Short Film

The London based skin care brand has produced a short film shot directed by Vince Squibb.  Rob Calcraft, Ren's founder, doesn't expect the film to impact his sales directly, but he does want to raise awareness of the brand.  "My sense is it's a very long-term game of persuasion", "skin isn't an immediate thing...it is a long term consideration [for the consumer]."

To mark the brands 11-year anniversary, get a glimpse of the video before it even launches on the Ren website tomorrow, right here! Just a note, the video is very sexy and amorous, with a naked couple frolicking, which the brand said feels "beautiful". The film is meant to embody the brand which is honest, bold, and rejects traditional images of airbrushed beauty.

What do you think of this video? Is it too sexy? Would you consider a purchase from this brand?

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Spring Beauty Trends

Seasons change...so should your beauty regimen!  Dump the dark colors and lighten up a bit! Spring 2012 is all about bright and bold hues.  Designers like Betsey Johnson and J. Crew pumped up the volume with young, playful, and colorful beauty looks on the Spring 2012 runway.   

Makeup is focused all on the lips this season, so grab a punched up color and rock it! While you're at it, switch up your scent and get a new fragrance! Suit your fragrance with the summer season and let us know which products you plan to switch to! Happy Spring/Summer 2012!

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Fourth Fragrance for Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been keeping busy after things didn't work out with ex-hubby Kris Humphries, and is making the most of 2012. Now, she is ready to release, this month, her fourth fragrance, True Reflection. 

Regarding her previous scents, she has said that she created GOLD to bring back memories of her late father, Rob Kardashian. She said: "When my dad would go away on trips he always came back with a special perfume for me. I hated when he bought perfume for his girlfriends, but loved it when he bought me a glamorous bottle of his favourite scent of gardenia. So when I was developing Gold, I thought of him and other happy times in my childhood."

And this scent, True Reflection? "This will remind me of success, working really hard and also my sisters. We were all together so much when I was making the fragrance that it reminds me of my TV show."

The ad campaign has already been shot and Kim wrote on her blog, "Here's a pic from my new True Reflection fragrance ad campaign... ultra glam! I LOVE red lips! My new fragrance comes out this spring and it is so different than my other fragrances! Xo. (sic)"

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Adam Levine Announces Launch of Fragrance

Adam Levine has joined the vast amount of celebrities who have their own fragrance line and feels it's time to get into the game of the world of fragrance. As if he's not busy enough being Maroon 5's frontman, singer/songwriter and not to mention the co-star of new reality TV show, the Voice, Levine has set his launch of his signature scent, labeled 222 by Adam Levine in May 2013. 


Levine has been working with ID perfumes, a division of Adrenalina Inc, who has been quiet about the juicy details of the fragrance, but at the moment, we know that it will be sold in 1 oz, 1.7 oz, and 3.4 oz at resonable prices. 

“Adam is a performer with tremendous charisma — both on stage and on TV,” said Ilia Lekach, chairman and chief executive officer of ID Perfumes, noting that Levine is also a vocal coach for NBC’s “The Voice.” “Endeavoring to capture that in a bottle has thus far been very exciting and we’re certain the final products will be even more so.”

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Pill to Turn Sweat into Perfume

If you would prefer your sweat to smell like Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue or CK One by Calvin Klein, then you're in luck! Lucy McRae, an artist based in the Netherlands, hopes to soon create a 'Swallowable Parfum', a perfume that can be ingested through a tiny capsule and omit a lovely fragrance as you perspire. We never thought we'd see those two words in the same sentence, ever!

"My main aim is to provoke and make people think in a completely different way about how makeup can be [used] in the future," said McRae.

Interested? This pill is still in it's research phase and by no means is there a release date yet, but McRae is working with another researcher, Sheref Mansy, to develop a prototype.

Where did he get this perspiration inspiration? That would be while he was watching a documentary on computer engineer Ray Kurzweil, who won the National Medal of Technology and wrote many books on how machines can, and will shape the future.

Companies within the beauty industry are constantly trying to come up with new beauty technologies and beauty regimens that come in pill form.  From sunscreen protection to anti-grey supplements, we will keep you updated with the latest industry news and on the pill that will turn your sweat into your favorite perfume scent.

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Madonna Debuts Fragrance

This material girl has not only been busy working on her clothing line for the Spring/Summer 2012 season, but she has also been hard at work with her first fragrance ever, Truth or Dare


Giving 110%, she was very involved in the entire process and creation while working with perfumer Stephen Nilsen of Givaudan. Together, they worked on the shape and size of the bottle to the scent and aesthetic; perfection is all that Madonna had in mind.


The official perfume line doesn't actually debut until April 1st, however her ads for the new scent are out! The singer told Women's Wear Daily that "I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me but that other people could relate to as well: something honest, and yet daring, hence the name Truth or Dare".  Madonna wanted a floral scent, something that reminded her of her mother.  She also wants the scent to be addictive, sensual.  The fragrance has hints of gardenia, tuberose and neroli and base notes of vanilla, amber, and musk. 

Would you consider purchasing this perfume when available?

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Sally Hansen Gets it Together

Sally Hansen has been busy, busy, busy collaborating with designers, celebs, and who knows who else is in the woodworks, in creating nail strip collections.

Most recently, we've seen and fallen in love with Prabal Gurung for Sally Hansen.  Prabal Gurung helped create colorful, intricate prints to beautifully translate his Spring/Summer 2012 colletion into nail art.  They are naturally a limited edition, so get these hot prints before they're out of stock.

Another fab collaboration Sally Hansen's been busy at work with is producing nail wraps designed by Avril Lavigne! What you probably imagine coming from this singer is exactly what you see, bright colors paired with black skulls, plaid, stars, glitter, polka dots, ombre glitter and checkerboard prints. The singer said, "They're reflective of my personal style and they're kinda rock n' roll - fun skulls, stars, plaid, sparkles."

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