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Pitti Fragranze Announces 10th Edition Fragrance Trade Show

Time will soon arrive for the 10th edition of the Pitti Fragranze fragrance trade show, September 14th to 16th to be exact.  This time, there will be a stronger sense for an international push, with the theme "Buon Viaggio" which means have a nice trip.
According to WWD, organizers of the trade show said linking fragrances to luxury and lifestyle items, and balancing expansion of the fair with an exclusive product offering, were key to its success.
This year’s fair will showcase roughly 200 exhibitors, including brands such as Annick Goutal, Blood Concept, Eau d’Italie, Juliette Has a Gun and Testa Maura. The special section “Spring” will display new fragrance brands, while “Charms” will present a range of fashion accessories.

The mix of products is exciting news, but rest assured that the inclusion of new product categories are only there to complement the fragrances.  The chief exectuive officer of Pitti Immagine, Raffaello Napoleone, told WWD, We continue to represent high-quality merchandise at a time when many are offering more homologous products,” added Raffaello Napoleone, chief executive officer of Pitti Immagine. He said some other Italian fairs have suffered from exponential growth that made product selection “incoherent.”

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WATCH: Formulation of Lady Gaga's FAME

Let's not even talk about Lady Gaga's ad for Lady Gaga Fame, the little men feeding off of her body is just plain weird and provocative. But wait, it get's worse...or better? You decide! Lady Gaga released a short snippit on her site yesterday. 
We love the creepy, eery dark feel, it reminds us a bit of Frakenstein in the laboratory, no?

Check out the video here, and let us know your thoughts!

Photo Courtesy: Lady Gaga,

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The Creative Fragrance Process: Interview with Carlos Huber, Creator of Arquiste Fragrances

 We all have our own taste and fragrance opinions, but who better to hear them from than the creator of Arquiste Fragrances himself. Check out this exclusive interview with and Mr. Carlos Huber himself.  The perfumer, arhitect, and creator of such glorious fragrances is a true stunner!


Photo: BeautyPress; Carlos Huberbeautypress: Your first olfactive memory?
CH: I think it must be the smell of the grass in my grandparent’s garden. As a baby, my parents would take me to play and crawl in the grass.
beautypress: What is your favorite part of the fragrance creation process? What is the most difficult?

CH: All parts are engaging, because they all offer a challenge. From the moment you begin research on a particular olfactive ‘story’ to the moment when you share it with the world. But probably my favorite is that first smelling session after completing the research, that moment of “Wow, that’s what that moment smells like” is really exciting.
beautypress: What fragrances (other than your own) inspire you?
CH: Many of them. There are certain fragrances that are very personal and emotional…Gucci Envy and Yves Saint Laurent M7 both take me back to wonderful times and wonderful people. Andy Tauer’s L’Air du Desert Marocain is a great fragrance; Chanel Sycomore is my favorite vetiver…Mostly I’m inspired by the stories behind their creation or by their emotional impact. Needless the say, the work of Arquiste perfumers Yann Vasnier and Rodrigo Flores-Roux is very inspiring Champaca Absolute from Tom Ford’s Private Blend collection is a very unusual floral by Rodrigo Flores-Roux, and Yann Vasnier’s Aleksandr for Arquiste is my favorite work from him.
beautypress: What influences you and how do you start the creative process?
CH: History, architecture, cities and literature inspire me. My creative process starts with the research into a specific place, a specific time, a concrete reference.
beautypress: What are your favorite spring fragrance notes?
CH: I love floral and citrusy notes. My favorites notes for spring are bright orange blossom, powdery orris and crisp bergamote.
These are all featured in Fleur de Louis and Infanta en Flor (from Arquiste), which are taken from the account of a day in early June, 1660, when the two Royal Courts met at a pine and cedar wood pavilion to discuss the prospect of peace and of a Royal marriage. The building materials, the vegetation, the ingredients used to perfume space and people, all of this is in the fragrances. They are elegant florals that are crisp and airy, completely natural-smelling.
beautypress: What trends do you see developing in the fragrance world?
CH: I believe in a big return to story-telling, to individuality…to more natural fragrances that adapt better to our own chemistry, our own skin. I see the revalorization of fragrance as experience, and not just luxury good.

Photo:; Carlos Huber

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Perfume Doubles As Insect Repellant

There is nothing worse than a sneaky, pesky, little mosquito pest sucking off of your succulent scent during the warmer weather days, only to leave you with a bump of itchiness and irritation, (can you tell I hate bugs).  Gosh darn it!
Perfume and fragrance lovers, do not fear, for the fragrance God's (or really Jao brand) has created a perfume that doubles as insect repellant!
Outscent by Jao
Photo Courtesy: Jao
Outscent by Jao is a scent made up of essential oils for people who want to repel bugs but don't want to smell bad. The scent? The fragrance that naturally repels insects is a blend of grapefruit, fir needle, patchouli, and other wood oils.  It's a unisex fragrance that can be described as "citrusy, woodsy, earthy, complex, and pure".

Would you dare to wear a perfume that doubles as insect repellant?

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Perfumes You Can Sip As Well as Sniff

You've done it before and you'll probably do it again, but tasting perfume is never a good thing...until now?
If you thought perfume was for your wrist, ears, and all other preferable pulse points, think again!  Mandy Aftel, former psychotherapist, makes edible and potable perfumes. 
The scents she creates are starting to show up in martinis, margaritas, and even some fancier concoctions..yum?
Where can you get a little bit of this pourable potion? The vials sit behind high-profile restaurant bars, all around the country, including NYC's PDT, Pegu Club, and Booker and Dax at Momofuku Ssam Bar.
According to the NY Times, Many bartenders believe the scents add one more dimension to the multisensory experience of a good drink.
In 2011, her creations were nominated for FiFi awards

Ms. Aftel says she's never experimented with the artificial ingredients that dominate the scent and flavor industries.

“It is the synthetic that stinks up the elevator,” she said. “I am not interested in scents that have that kind of staying power. A natural perfume costs more and disappears quickly, but while it lasts it’s extremely beautiful.”

Would you take a sip of cocktail slipped with this new and trendy perfume potion? 

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The Strangest Perfumes & Colognes

There are some seriously weird scents out there, and leave it up to us to round up our top picks of the most bizarre fragrances folks! From superhero cologne, to bacon, and funeral homes, some scents that are bottlef up will surely surprise you!  Let us know, which of the fragrances you're absolutely intrigued with and then which of those you are completely respulsed.

Smell like your favorite super hero with the Avengers cologne, or even any of the Mavel Heroes, from Xmen's Wolverine EDT spray to Spiderman's shampoo in blastin berry, these may be the strangest super hero powers we've seen yet!

Love that smell of wrapping the lastest and greatest Apple product? Now that scent can linger longer with Air Aroma, a scent that is bottled up but unfortunately (or fortunately) not available for purchase. 

Lover of literature?  Theres a scent that smells like books! That's right, Paper Passion is here to help you keep that freshly printed paper scent longer lasting than ever. The 'book' perfume opens up to reveal a cutout in the pages and keeps a classically shaped perfume bottle nestled in it's space.  The perfume's unique packaging was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl themselves. The scent itself? It is said to smell like a freshly printed book, who wouldn't want to smell like that?!

Demeter, a favorite fragrance company of ours, released a scent that smells just like your favorite doughy goodness, and no we don't mean their Sugar Cookie spray.  We're talking about their Play-Doh scent, made in honor of Play-Doh's 50th Birthday, ya dig?

We'd never thought we'd typed this out, but smell like meat and seduction, yes, with Flame by BK, Burger King's perfume is a meaty fragrance that is no longer sold by the chain, (phew!)

Brining it back to Demeter, they have great fragrance library, they outdid themselves here with this one, because in all reality, who wants to smell like a funeral home. The description is pretty entertaining and seems normalistic, "Funeral Home is a blend of classic white flowers: lilies, carnations, gladiolus, chrysanthemums with stems and leaves, with a hint of mahogany and oriental carpet.”

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A Paper Perfume for Literature Lovers

Literature lovers, lucky you, there is a paper scented perfume, 'the Paper Passion eau de Parfum'. Scent, similar to books, can capture the mind and ignite either the imagination or something that has occurred in the past, familiar with the phrase déjà vu?
There is now a new 'technology' that combines and preserves a book lovers passion; Wallpaper magazine and Gerhard Steidl, founding owner of Steidl publishing and print designer for several fashion houses including Chanel, worked with perfumer Geza Schoen to create Paper Passion, a perfume based on the scent of books.
The 'book' perfume opens up to reveal a cutout in the pages and keeps a classically shaped perfume bottle nestled in it's space.  The perfume's unique packaging was designed by Karl Lagerfeld and Steidl themselves. The scent itself? It is said to smell like a freshly printed book, who wouldn't want to smell like that?!
According to,Schoen worked on capturing the scent and sourcing the necessary ingredients. 'It was hard,' he says. 'The smell of printed paper is dry and fatty; they are not notes you often work with.'  Schoen managed to create the scent with just four to five ingredients, including ethyl linoleate and a selection of woody components to add dryness. Most perfumes contain between 20 and 100 ingredients, but Schoen stuck to his vision of simplicity.

Would you wear Paper Passion?

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Lady GaGa Will Launch 2 Versions of Fragrance

This just in, Lady GaGa will be launching two versions of her new fragrance, one is said to be more affordable the other, which is her, "Le Masterpiece", a bigger bottle, metal cap and will be an eau de parfum. Lady GaGa says it's her 'baby'.
Check out the Twitter screen shots from Lady GaGa's account on how all of her fashion fragrance dreams are coming true and even a pic of her Le Masterpeice Fame from Haus Laboratories.

Do you think $70 for the Le Masterpiece is over the top, 'expensive'? Her fragrances will be $30 (the affordable one) and $70 for her baby.


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Paris Hilton on her new perfume

Paris Hilton's 16th perfume, Dazzle is sweet, pretty and playful pink.  What started out as a little 'perfume experiment' resulted in Hilton earning over $1.5 billion in the business.  How many more fragrances can we expect on the market from Paris? Who's to know, maybe every few years or one for each milestone in her life?

"Creating a new fragrance or two each year has been a great way to express the changes I have gone through," she told WWD. "Now I have a whole wardrobe of them to choose from, from light and beachy to mysterious and sexy."

We wonder what her next fragrance will be, but in the meantime, the spotlight is on Dazzle, a lovely scent that opens with pink lady apple, cherry and peach nectar, and has notes of violet petals, pink calypso orchid, and oragne blossom that 'dries down' to pink champagne, a signature fragrance note of Paris Hilton's scents.

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Arts Décoratifs Students Create Fragrances

We all know that fashion and fragrance do go hand and hand, and more than ever before, the lucky 8 graduating students of Paris' École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs learned, in the most fortunate way. We're a little jealous, it's true, these students got to pair up with eight International Flavors & Fragrances perfumers — including Olivier Polge, Anne Flipo and Jean-Christophe Hérault — to create fragrances inspired by their end-of-year fashion collections.

What we would have done to attend the Paris Obeservatory's gardens to view the clothing and sample the scents, ah, we can only dream.
Perfumer Dominique Ropion told WWD about student Lysmina Attou's collection and fragrance, “I saw what she does and what she wanted to say in her design,” explained Ropion, adding he presented Attou some notes, such as osmanthus, jasmine and tuberose. In the end, they concocted a juice that’s both “very carnal and something metallic,” he said.

For photos of the Mode & Sens event, visit WWD here.

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