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Androgynous Perfume Model

Jean Paul Gaultier chose Agyness Deyn as the face for Ma Dame, his 2008 woman fragrance.  Ma Dame is a fragrance which is described as a fresh floral scent that is electric and sensual, kinda like the face of the fragrance.

“There is a great deal of strength and a great deal of softness in the fragrance,” Francis Kurkdjian, Ma Dame's perfumer said. “The same could be said of girls today.”

Gaultier describes Ma Dame as the daughter in his collection of perfumes, “She is energetic, modern, and young in attitude, and that concludes the family.” ”Ma Dam is my type of woman—at the same time fragile and strong, like a tomboy that is a little androgynous in attitude so, you know, she can cut her hair if she wants.”

Ma Dame is my type of woman—at the same time fragile and strong, like a tomboy that is a little androgynous in attitude so, you know, she can cut her hair if she wants.”

See the ad campaign video here and let us know what you think of the androgynous model!

(Photo via nowsmellthis, blogharbor, catwalkqueen)

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Ferrari Launches New Fragrance

Ladies and gents, rev up your engines, Ferrari is ready to launch their new men's fragrance, Red Power.  This will be the brands sixth fragrance, and launches worldwide in September.

Red Power is a fresh, spicy scent, combining bergamot from Calabria, red oranges from Sicily, lavendar and red pepper, violets, geranium leaves, cardamom and rosemary as it's top and hear tnotes; base notes include red cedar, white musk, patchouli, and tonka beans.

Brigitte Wormser, Perfume Holding’s vice president of creation and development marketing, said Red Power was conceived for “a man driven by passion.”
“This is a man passionate about beautiful things, beautiful cars and everything he does in life,” she said. “He is moving up both professionally and personally.”

Photo Courtesy: Ferrari

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Julia Roberts Fronts for Lancome's New Fragrance

Lancome will be adding another fragrance to it's list mid-month with new women's fragrance, La vie est belle. The fragrance is fronted by beautiful Julia Roberts, apparently the only person that was fitting to become the fragrance's ambassador.

Youcef Nabi, president of Lancome International, told WWD “The only person that could embody this kind of joyful femininity, this woman that could be all women at the same time — in their honesty, truth and diversity —is Julia Roberts,” explained Nabi. “She is sincere, had a life full of commitment and [is] a person that made clear choices. She…wrote a path to happiness that doesn’t look like anyone else’s.”

The fragrance is made up of the most noble ingredients, (only 63 to be exact), with notes containing iris, jasmine, Tunisian orange blossom, and Indonesian patchouli essence.  There is also gourmand accord, including vanilla, tonka bean, praline, black currant, and pear.

Photo: Lancome, WWD

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Nina Ricci Launches New Scent

Ninna Ricci Parfums is about to launch it's new women's fragrance, Mademoiselle Ricci, adding a bit of romanticism to the Nina Ricci label.

Chief brand officer at Puig, Jose Manuel Albesa, explained to WWD,  "It’s all about romance, about femininity, about elegance in a modern way,” he said of Mademoiselle Ricci, which is expected to have as its core target the 25- to 35-year-old set. “It’s about love — a declaration of love.” “It is very fresh, modern elegant and subtle,” said Albesa. “It’s a very timeless fragrance.”

The fragrance is said to be woody and floral, including notes of rose centifolia, eglantine, pink laurel and pink pepper.

Photo: WWD; Nina Ricci

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Natalie Portman Bares It All for New DIOR ad

Natalie Portman is a natural beauty, a newlywed as of this week, and is now baring it all with Dior's new ad campaign for new foundation, NUDE.

We absolutely loved her in the commercial and ad campaign for Dior's Miss Dior Cherie fragrance, but we may just love this new daring, baring Dior Nude ad campaign more.  

The actress stripped down to absolutely nothing but was very careful to not show the obvious.  In the photo below, she is draped topless over a chaise lounge chair pulling her hair off of her face. In other close up shots, she is facing the camera with her arms and hair covering her chest.  Modesty, classiness, and effortless beauty if you ask us.

What do you think of Dior's NUDE campaign?

Photo Courtesy: Dior

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Gwyneth Paltrow on Hugo Boss New Women's Fragrance

When it came to Hugo Boss's newly launched women's fragrance, Boss Nuit Pour Femme, Hugo Boss brand looked none other to the classy and perfectly put together Gwyneth Paltrow. 
Gerd Von Podewils, global marketing director of Hugo Boss Fragrances, P&G Prestige said, "We’re launching Boss Nuit as a fragrance to be perfectly put together for that moment [that women] are anticipating". It's for a modern woman, a woman who wants to accomplish things in their life.

Who other to embody that? Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who stars in the ads of the fragrance in an asymmetrical, black Hugo Boss dress. She told WWD, “[Hugo Boss] came to me and approached me with the idea of the Boss woman, a very delicate balance of someone who’s hard working and focused but also soft and feminine at the same time,” said Paltrow at the launch at London’s Sanderson hotel. “I like that approach very much.…I’m a very hardworking woman, I’m a very loving mother, I’m a wife, I do a lot of different things and I think that the blend of femininity and strength is what really drew me to the [fragrance].”

The scent itself has white peach and aldehydes as top notes, jasmine and violet as it's heart, and crystal moss, warm woods, and sandalwood as it's base. The fragrance is planned to rollout this month in Germany and the UK and later, most likely this sprin, in the US.

Photo Courtesy: WWD

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Lady Gaga Reveals Second FAME Fragrance Print Ad

Lady Gaga recently revealed her second FAME fragrance print ad, the first, of little tiny men crawling over her naked body.  This second print ad features a mirror image of Lady Gaga wearing a black latex body suit, prim black lips, and a very large black hat and eye mask.  The darkness of the ad fits perfectly with the fragrance, which will be a black liquid that emits clearly when sprayed. Check out Lady Gaga's perfume details here and the video campaigns here.

Photo Courtesy: Lady GaGa; FAME

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Isaac Mizrahi Breaking Into Fragrance

Fabulous by Isaac Mizrahi Photo By Courtesy Photo; WWD
Isaac Mizrahi, now the creative director of Xcel Brands Inc., has announced his step into the fragrance world.  He is set to launch his first women's scent, Fabulous, in November of this year.
Mizrahi will be working with The Cloudbreak Group to develop, manufacture, and distrubute his first scent, as well as other related beauty products he is looking forward to branching out into.
Mr. Mizrahi told WWD taht while he worked on other fragrance ideas before, this is the "first time I'm actually launching one".   
“I feel like if you get married too young, it rarely works out. It’s the same thing with this — you get really very few chances at [creating a scent.] You have to get it right. There has to be care taken. That’s what all these years of experience have brought to this. I really want it to mean something and be special. Good perfumes are more cultural than product.”
The fragrance is saiad to have top notes of mandarin, nectarine and bergamot; heart notes of jasmine, tuberose, freesia and peony; and the scent's base notes are sandalwood, vanilla, and cedar.


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Vince Camuto Launches Men's Scent

With every great women's scent should come a men's scent, right? That's Vince Camuto's thoughts exactly, or what we prefer to think. Camuto is now following up with a luanch of his first men's scent after a successful launch of his women's scent last year. 
Like the woman's scent, the men's product will bear the brand logo and name (it's family crest) and to add a tough of masculinity, the bottle's surface is tightly wrapped in black leather.
The new scent, produced by licensee Parlux Fragrances, is set to launch August 15th.
The fragrance has been said to be one that is boldly fresh, a 'woodsy' blend.
Vince Camuto's Men Scent
Photo: WWD; By Kyle Ericksen

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Givenchy and Neiman Marcus team Up for Fragrance Launch

It's been a year since Parfums Givenchy launched Dahlia Noir at Neiman Marcus; the two have now decided to team up again to introduce Givenchy's Eaudemoiselle on August 5th.
The musky fragrance made it's debut internationally in 2010 but was only distributed to major European markets and the Middle East. On the day of August 5th however, they will introduce this scent in all 42 doors and online of Neiman Marcus.  
The Vice President and Divisional Merchandise Manager of Cosmetics and Fragrance at Neiman Marcus told WWD, “We love Givenchy — the designer, the classic brand — and the fragrance is exquisite,” said Hazel Wyatt, Neiman’s vice president and divisional merchandise manager of cosmetics and fragrance. “We are marketing it in every vehicle we have: The Book, NM Direct, the Christmas Book, the Beauty Event [gift] bag and the holiday Scent Event bag, and a lot of exposure in the stores.”
Will you step foot or head online to Neiman Marcus to get and check out Eaudemoiselle de Givenchy?

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