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The Benefits of Shopping for Fragrances Online

The great thing about online fragrance shopping is that is provides you with one convenient and versatile place to find anything and everything you need.  Best of all, online shoppers can browse a wide variety of fragrances from multiple online stores and manufactures without ever leaving their homes.  

Ditching the Traditional Shopping Experience

The Internet lends itself to numerous benefits over traditional shopping – just think about it.  No more standing in lines, sitting in traffic, searching for parking spaces, carrying bags or rushing through your shopping experience because the store is about to close.  

Remember, the Internet is open to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, where online shoppers can find fragrances from companies based around the world - not just around the corner. In addition, Internet shopping takes place in a safe and fun environment that knows no global time difference.

Internet websites also improve the online shopping experience with their ability to list tons of products without the page limitations attached to catalogues.  

A Little Known Way Online Shopping Can Save You Money

By shopping online for fragrances, you can also compare prices from multiple websites to ensure you are receiving the best possible deal.  Just like department stores, online retailers are in constant competition with each other, each one striving to attract the most customers by offering the lowest prices.  This ever-evolving process further enhances your chances of landing a great bargain.

Convenience, Credibility and Confidence

Online shopping today is a quick and easy, where most companies will ship fragrances in as little as a few business days.  Shopping online for fragrances is as simple as choosing a category, selecting a fragrance, adding it to your cart and checking out.

Online shopping also provides a wealth of information on items such as designer fragrances.  This is one of the reasons that 72% of online shoppers prefer surfing the web to going to a retail store.

Another advantage of shopping online as opposed to in a retail or department store is the accessibility to reviews from other customers.  Many people are happy to post their thoughts and comments about their favorite fragrances, which should aid you in your purchasing decision.

Finally, you can pay for your fragrance online with a credit card, where encrypted credit card data ensures that your information remains safe, secure and confidential. 
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Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace Entices Shoppers

Take a deep breath and imagine the freshness and softness of a rose infused with the dark seduction and sensuality of amber.  As you exhale, close your eyes and picture that same image dangling from your neck in the form of a modern necklace.  Now, open your eyes and meet the Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace – the gorgeous silver charm that mixes fashion with fragrance.

A unique idea from the design house of Stella McCartney, the newly released Solid Perfume Necklace captures the essence of femininity, mystery and confidence - tucked away in a round locket that goes everywhere you do.  Now, you are always prepared when the need for a quick fragrance fix arises.

Beautifully stamped with the Stella McCartney logo, the round locket of the Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace houses the classic and sophisticated Stella fragrance, available for a discreet dab at a moment’s notice.  More than just a great smelling aroma, the Perfume Necklace from Stella McCartney offers the perfect added touch desired by women of elegance and class.

Wherever you are, simply slide open the charm for a touch of Stella that releases the intense heart of Rose Absolute, Peony Flower and Mandarin, as well as the carnal, sexy base of amber.  

Explore the Stella McCartney Perfume Necklace to discover a world where style and scent know no boundaries. 
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Rihanna Set to Launch “Irresistible” Fragrance

One of the latest celebrities to dip their feet into the designer fragrance pool, pop star Rihanna is set to launch her signature perfume - a fragrance she is hoping no man can resist.

Rihanna, who hired a scientist to test her signature fragrance, claims that she “spent plenty of time with the chemist mixing the formulas.”  

To help Rihanna with the launch of her perfume, fellow recording artist Jay-Z  signed a deal between his company, Iconic Fragrances LLC, and Parlux Fragrances Inc., so that Parlux would market Rihanna’s new scent.  The scent is set for release as a part of the agreement this summer.

Rihanna has yet to decide on a name for her signature scent, but she is counting on her fans to help.  In search of the best name for her new perfume, Rihanna has opened the doors to suggestions over the Internet.

Rihanna hopes that the release of her signature scent will help her make a comeback after recent controversy over assault charges filed against her ex-boyfriend.  

The singer and songwriter revealed in a recent interview that it was a mistake to date her now ex-boyfriend again, and that she is hoping the release of her new perfume will put her back on the map in a positive light. 
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Kim Kardashian Launches First Signature Scent

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian from the hit E! series Keeping Up with the Kardashians always dreamed of starting her own perfume business.  As a child, she gathered flowers from outside and put them in a blender to concoct her own scents, believing that this was the method used to create fragrances.  However, it was not until her mother introduced Kim to a perfumer that her lifelong dream would become a reality.

Early Stages of Development
Originally presented in 2009, Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian is the first commercial fragrance launched by the reality TV star. 
A firm believer in participatory perfume design, Kim Kardashian brainstormed and tested scent combinations based on the personal preferences of her fans.  During the early stages of development, Kim posed the question on her blog:

“Without naming specific brands, what types of scents are you most drawn to – vanilla, musk, floral, fruity or other type of scent?” 
The scent of her debut perfume was not the only factor that concerned Kardashian.  In developing her signature scent, Kim also wanted to know which colors would make for the most attractive bottle. 

Many of her blog readers suggested dark pink as a great color, but Kim and the majority of her Facebook and Twitter fans agreed that a light pink bottleneck and symbol (Kim Kardashian’s initials in a lace motive) would work best against a dark purple flacon.  

Kardashian Chooses Fragrance Notes
After gathering preferences from her fans, Kardashian met with perfumer Claude Dir of Givaudan to develop her signature scent, where she would choose between seven possible scents, each one a unique combination derived from her likes and dislikes. 
During this stage of development, Kardashian claimed, “Tuberose and gardenia are two of my must-haves.”  Accordingly, both fragrance notes made the list.

A Sweet, Sensual and Sexy Scent
Kim Kardashian by Kim Kardashian opens with luminous, sweet and refreshing notes of mandarin, touched with floral-lemon, honeysuckle and orange blossom.

Intoxicating floral middle notes intertwine with sensual, sexy base notes that include warm and gentle Tonka, jacaranda wood, vanilla orchid, musk and sandalwood. 

The final composition of the designer fragrance also includes crisp top notes and a heart of jasmine, tuberose, gardenia and spices, delivering a sweet, sensual and sexy scent that captures the essence of youth.
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