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Perfumed Polish

Is this the next big thing in the world of manicures, and fragrances? Perfumed polish has been sprouting up here and there, and Dior beauty made it no exception to pass the test.  Dior launched two shades to get your fingertips beautiful and smelling great, like waterlilies and lilacs to be exact. 
Waterlily is a lovely lilac color and the second, a soft mint green hue is called Forget-Me-Not.  
According to Dior's site, both nail polishes will release an "intoxicating rose fragrance" once dry.   Both polishes are limited edition, so snag 'em while you can! 

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Versace to Launch Eros Men's Fragrance

Can you believe it's been 5 years since Versace has released it's last men's fragrance?! Versace Eros will launch later this month, first at the Tax Free World Exhibition in Cannes, France,and later launched in November in Italy.  Donatella Versace's inspiration behind it? Greek mythology! After delving deeply into the literature, the key to the scent's position is "unbridled sexual attraction".  

"This was very important for us,” she said this week of the scent developed by Versace’s fragrance licensee, Euroitalia. “I have focused a lot on men’s recently, and this was a chance to do something different for men, something that speaks of desire.”

“For me the fragrance is very iconic, it’s really the DNA of Versace,” added Donatella Versace. “We have the Greek motif that makes you think of ancient Greece and antiquity, mythology, and the color turquoise represents the Mediterranean. It’s very Versace.”

Photo Courtesy: Versace 

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Candie's Launches First Full Beauty Line

This November, Candie's first full beauty line (including fragrances) will be available, exclusively at Kohls.  With 20 nail polish shades, eight lip gloss tubes, and four lip gloss wands, all under $10, these beauty products will make the perfect stocking stuffers! Plus, with a total of 21 fragrances, including eau de toilettes and body sprays, pricing ranges from $25 to $35...we have to say...not bad! 

Candie's will also offer bath and body products, beginning with five lotions and five shower gels.  But doesn't stop there, it gets better! It's planned that seasonally, there will be limited edition kits for the holiday seasons, and for this year, the set contains items such as eye shadow, mascara, and eye pigments. 

"It’s a natural progression for Candie’s to now give our girl even more of what she wants in multiple scents, different forms like sprays and lotions, and beauty to round out a lifestyle beauty collection,” said chief merchandising officer Lanie List.

The Candie’s consumer, according to the brand, is between the ages of 16 and 21 years old and enjoys all things feminine, which is evident in the line’s packaging. “It has all the elements of what a girl loves most: Some sparkle [and] shine. It really looks like eye candy,” said List. “[It is] decorative so the girl is excited to leave it out on her vanity.” 

With names such as Cotton Candy, Vanilla Bon-Bon and Sugar Plum Blossom, Candie’s fragrances include notes like “fluffy marshmallow,” fresh strawberry and “whipped vanilla cream.” Product names for cosmetics — Mighty Mint nail polish and Skinny Latte lip gloss  for example — are equally reminiscent of a dessert menu.  YUM! 

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Lisa Hoffman and Tom Binns Collaborate: Fragrance Jewelry

Is it a fragrance? Or is it jewelry?  No matter what category you decide to categorize them to be, Lisa Hoffman and jeweler Tom Binns have collaborated in creating beautiful accessories that are fragrant and a definite must have  

Photo: WWD 
Lisa said that she had always been a fan of Binn's jewelry, and about a year a go, the two discussed creating jewelry to carry scents. Binn was intrigued that jewelry and fragrance are in fact worn on the same places on the body, the neck, the collarbone, the wrist...“What was so wonderful and thrilling for us was the organic connection between jewelry and fragrance,” said Hoffman.

Photo: WWD

The jewelry pieces are encased with beads made of flour with scents including Japanese Agarwood, Madagascar Orchid, Tunisian Neroli, French Clary Sage and Tuscan Fig. 

Not only are pendants for sale but the two have created cuffs and earrings to follow  in late 2012 and January 2013, respectively. 

Would you wear fragrance jewelry? 

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Chanel + Brad Pitt

The Chanel marketing team, you and I , as well as any other fragrance and beauty industry insider are all very interested and eager to see if a man can effectively sell a woman's fragrance, and Chanel has chosen Brad Pitt to test it out.  
Mid October, Chanel will do a global unveiling of it's first project with Pitt, a commercial and print ad for the iconic Chanl No. 5. 

Brad Pitt & Joe Wright
Photo By Sam Taylor-Wood for CHANEL 

“To keep a legend fresh, you always have to change its point of view,” said Andrea d’Avack, president, Chanel Fragrance & Beauty. “It is the first time we’ve had a man speaking about a women’s fragrance. We think very much that the perfume is a seduction between a man, a woman and the perfume. No.5 is our leading fragrance, and we are willing to make the investment to keep it on that level.”
The Pitt commercial is planned for an Oct. 15 global launch, while the print ad is expected to begin appearing in November fashion, beauty and lifestyle magazines. D’Avack added that the campaign will also include extensive social-media outreach. “We are reaching the ecosystem of communications vehicles,” he said. “We believe this dynamic, modern campaign will make people think in a completely different way about No.5.” 

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Dsquared2 Launching Women's Fragrance

YES! A female version of Dsquared2 Potion, hitting shelves this week.  The new eau de parfum for ladies is a floral, oriental chypre, "positioned as a luminous love potion that can turn women into seductresses".
Photographer Mario Sorrenti shot the new ad campaign, which is due to break on TV, print and the Web in October and features models Malgosia Bela and Diego Miguel shedding clothes and locking lips in a passionate love scene.

Seductive? To say the least! Will you be getting your hands on this sexy scent?  Top notes include bergamot, blackcurrant berries and violet over a heart of rose petals, jasmine flowers, lily of the valley and rhubarb, while the drydown includes white and black musk, black amber, patchouli and golden vanilla.

Photo: Dsquared2

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Trussardi Scent Honors Milan

Ah Milan, a city of style and glamour, elegant to say the least, is probably the reason why Trussardi is honoring the city of Italy with their new Trussardi men's eau de toilette.  

The new fragrance, which will hit stores at the end of this month, is "a love letter ot the city, with Tomaso Trussardi as testimonial in a commercial shot by film director Wim Wenders", according to WWD. 

The scent is said to be woodsy, opening up with bergamot and green mandarin. The heart consists of lavendar, breezy calone, and violoet flowers, and it's base? Cashmeran, vetiver, leather, and tonka beans.  
Will you be getting this fragrance for man...for yourself or ladies, your man?  

Photo: Trussardi 

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Oscar del La Renta's Not One, but Six New Fragrances

We have to agree with Oscar de la Renta, fragrance is not much different than fashion, which is why we completely adore his new sextet of women's scents.  Essential Lxuries, a collection of fragrances referenced for his most loved people, places, launches September 2012, this month! 

Photo: George Chinsee, OSCAR de la RENTA

So why six, not just one?

“We don’t change the way we look on a daily basis, but we may want to change the way we smell,” said de la Renta during an exclusive interview at his Manhattan offices this week. “A woman now wants to represent herself in many different ways, at different times. There is a world that is wide open to women, with a lot of choices. I no longer think a woman is married to one fragrance.”

According to WWD, 
Each of the Essential Luxuries fragrances have important meanings to de la Renta.
Santo Domingo, a tabac-based scent named for the designer’s birthplace in the Dominican Republic, opens with citrus notes, which blend into notes of sweet and spicy mandarin, coriander, patchouli and tobacco.

Granada, inspired by the gardens of the Alhambra in Spain, is what the designer calls a romantic citrus floral, with key notes of bigarade and bergamot, supported by jasmine, orange and rose. “It’s a magical place that has great romantic memories for me,” de la Renta said, adding that he proposed marriage to his wife there privately, after the gardens were closed for the day. The neck of the fragrance bottles have a intertwined symbol which is based on a tile at the Alhambra, he added, and it is used throughout the de la Renta design universe.

Oriental Lace, a dark oriental with gourmand elements, references his ready-to-wear collection. It has notes of hoya carnosa, a chocolate-scented vine which de la Renta grows in his Punta Cana home, as well as honey, bitter almond, dark cacao, clove and patchouli notes.

Mi Corazon, inspired by the designer’s daughter Eliza (the company’s creative director of licensing) and their shared love of ylang ylang, is a floral juice with a lush accord of tuberose, hand-picked ylang ylang and peach.

Sargasso, named for the deep blue-green sea surrounding the beach of the designer’s Punta Cana home, has juniper, lemon and cucumber notes, referencing the beachy scent of the abundant marine vegetation which washes up on his beach there. “You can extract a lot of different, really good things out of it,” he said, suggesting it could form the base of a future skin-care line.

Coralina is a ladylike floral named for a coral-colored stone indigenous to the Dominican Republic, which is used in abundance in the designer’s home there and in his boutiques. It is a blend of violet, mimosa and orris, with woody green notes.  

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Nest to Unveil First Fine Fragrance Collection

More known for candles and home fragrances, Nest fragrances is evolving and adding to their brand to become a business that is a "luxury fragrance and lifestyle brand".  
“[Nest] is in the early stages of blooming,” said Laura Slatkin, founder and chief executive officer of the brand. “We’ve been gaining a lot of momentum and now is the time to let the brand break out.”  
The Nest Fine Fragrance collection includes three scents: Amazon Lily, a blend of lilies, Brazilian lime, tangerine, bergamot and driftwood; Midnight Fleur, infused with exotic woods, patchouli, black amber, night-blooming jasmine and vanilla orchid, and Passiflora, which features passion flower, hyacinth, lily of the valley and an “overdose of green notes,” said Slatkin of her personal favorite in the range. “It’s an overwhelming sense of different florals. It’s like you are walking into a flower shop.”

For Slatkin, this is just the beginning. “I launched Nest in September 2009 during an extremely tough and volatile economic climate, and we were a big hit right out of the gate,” she said. “We are poised for tremendous growth in the next several years and we’re just getting started.” 

Photo: George Chinsee, Nest Fragrances 

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Nicki Minaj's PINK Friday Fragrance Ads

Ever wonder what Nicki Minaj's ad campaign would look like for her new fragrance, Pink Friday? Ponder no longer, we have two versions of the campaign for you right here. Which do you prefer? 


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